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Wall Mounted Shower Arm with Flange Wholesale

Shower Arm with Flange is an important part of bathroom accessories. The main materials of our shower arm are stainless steel and copper. It is applicable to the main bathroom, guest bathroom, children's bathroom and other showers. Our shower arm can be used to connect hose and shower. Metal materials and special surface treatment are rust proof and wear-resistant, which can give customers a high-quality user experience even in the wet environment of the bathroom. The metal design is sturdy and wear-resistant, which can provide long-term high-quality use experience. The round design of the connection greatly avoids water leakage and other situations, bringing customers a more convenient shower experience. If you have more special needs, we also support OME customization. Our factory has a professional design, production, quality inspection and sales team, and has obtained ISO9001 certification. Based on professional team and confidence in product quality, we promise to provide customers with a 10-year warranty.

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Ningbo Domus Hardware Co., Ltd. is located in Ningbo, a famous port city in China, which has a complete industrial chain and advantageous geographical location with a beautiful environment.

We are professional China Bathroom Shower Arm with Flange Manufacturers and Wholesale Wall Mounted Shower Arm with Flange Factory, specialized in production of medium and high-end bathroom hardware products, which are exported to South America, Europe, Australia, and other regions. The product line covers bathroom hardware pendants, bathroom mesh baskets, handrails, and so on.

Our company is concerned with product design and production together. We have manufacturing workshops of stamping, machining, die-casting, bending, polishing, assembling, and packaging, etc. Our management staffs are experienced in product development, manufacturing, and quality control. We use advanced production lines and equipments to ensure perfect quality for 5-10 year warranty.

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Industry knowledge

Types of Shower Arms with Flanges

Shower arms with flanges come in a range of styles and configurations, each designed to cater to different needs and aesthetic preferences. Understanding the various types available in the market is the first step in choosing the right one for your bathroom.
1. Straight Shower Arms
Straight shower arms are the most common and basic type available. They are typically a simple, straight extension from the wall to which the showerhead is attached. Straight shower arms are versatile and can work well with various showerhead styles, making them a popular choice for many bathrooms. They offer a clean and minimalistic look, making them suitable for both contemporary and traditional bathroom designs.
2. Curved Shower Arms
Curved shower arms, as the name suggests, have a curved or angled design. This design allows the showerhead to be positioned farther from the wall, creating a gentle rainfall-like effect when water flows. Curved shower arms are a great choice if you want a unique and luxurious showering experience. They are particularly popular in modern spa-like bathrooms, adding a touch of elegance and style.
3. Adjustable Shower Arms
Adjustable shower arms offer flexibility in terms of positioning the showerhead. These arms often have swivel joints or pivoting mechanisms that allow you to angle the showerhead to your preferred height and direction. They are perfect for households with multiple users who may have varying preferences for their shower experience. Adjustable shower arms can cater to everyone's needs, ensuring a comfortable and customized bathing experience.
4. Ceiling-Mounted Shower Arms
While most shower arms are wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted shower arms provide a unique and luxurious option. These arms extend from the ceiling and can be used to create a rainfall showerhead effect. Ceiling-mounted shower arms are ideal if you want to achieve a spa-like atmosphere in your bathroom. They provide a dramatic and visually striking appearance, making your shower area a focal point of your bathroom design.

What is the difference between a Shower Arm with Flange and other shower arms?

A shower arm with a flange is a specific type of shower arm used in bathroom plumbing. The primary difference between a shower arm with a flange and other shower arms lies in the presence of a flange, which is a decorative and functional feature. Here's a breakdown of the key distinctions:
1. Flange vs. No Flange:
Shower Arm with Flange: This type of shower arm includes a flange, which is a flat, circular plate attached to the wall end of the arm. The flange serves both decorative and functional purposes. It covers the hole in the wall where the arm connects to the plumbing, providing a finished and polished appearance while also helping to prevent water from leaking into the wall.
Shower Arm without Flange: Other shower arms may not have a flange. Instead, they might feature a more basic design, with a simple threaded or unthreaded pipe extending from the wall. These arms often require additional decorative or functional elements to cover the hole in the wall and prevent water damage.
2. Aesthetics:
Shower Arm with Flange: The presence of a flange can add a decorative element to the shower arm. Flanges are available in various finishes and designs, allowing you to match them to your bathroom decor.
Shower Arm without Flange: Shower arms without flanges might appear more minimalistic or utilitarian. They may not provide the same level of visual finishing as those with flanges.
3. Functionality:
Shower Arm with Flange: The flange not only enhances the appearance but also helps direct water away from the wall, preventing water damage and mold growth behind the shower wall. It serves a functional purpose in addition to aesthetics.
Shower Arm without Flange: Without a flange, these shower arms may require additional accessories such as escutcheon plates or decorative covers to achieve a finished look and prevent water intrusion.
4. Installation:
Shower Arm with Flange: The flange simplifies the installation process by covering the hole in the wall and providing a secure and polished attachment point.
Shower Arm without Flange: Shower arms without flanges may require more steps during installation, as you'll need to address the hole in the wall separately.

Benefits of Shower Arms with Flanges

Shower arms with flanges offer several benefits that enhance your showering experience and contribute to the overall functionality and aesthetics of your bathroom.
1. Improved Shower Experience
Shower arms extend the reach of the water source, allowing you to position the showerhead at the optimal height and angle. This customization ensures that water flows directly where you want it, resulting in a more enjoyable and efficient showering experience.
2. Aesthetic Enhancement
Shower arms with flanges come in a variety of designs and finishes that can complement your bathroom's decor. Whether you prefer a classic, contemporary, or industrial look, you can find a shower arm that adds a touch of style and elegance to your bathroom.
3. Durability and Longevity
Investing in a high-quality shower arm made from durable materials such as brass or stainless steel ensures that it will withstand daily use for years to come. These materials are resistant to corrosion and wear, reducing the risk of leaks and maintenance issues.

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