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The Towel Shelf is an important part of bathroom accessories. Our Towel Shelf is mainly made of stainless steel and zinc alloy, and is suitable for placing cosmetics, ornaments and other sundries in the main bathroom, guest bathroom, children's bathroom, etc. Even in the environment of the bathroom supermarket, it can give customers a high-quality user experience. The metal design is sturdy and wear-resistant, which can provide long-term high-quality use experience.
In order to match the overall decoration style of customers, we can also provide different surface treatment methods according to different needs of customers, such as wire drawing, chrome plating, matte black, matte white, etc. We can provide Single Layer Towel Shell, Towel Shell with Bar, Electric Heated Towel Shell, etc.
In terms of product installation, according to different products, we provide two different methods: 3M adhesive installation and screw drilling installation. 3M film does not need to drill holes, and it can be firmly installed without damaging the wall. The traditional screw installation makes the product more comprehensive in use scenarios, requires less on the installation environment, and is applicable to most scenarios, and is more solid and stable.
You can choose as needed. If you have more special needs, we also support OME customization. Our factory has a professional design, production, quality inspection and sales team, and has obtained ISO9001 certification. Based on professional team and confidence in product quality, we promise to provide customers with a 10-year warranty.

Company Profile

Ningbo Domus Hardware Co., Ltd. is located in Ningbo, a famous port city in China, which has a complete industrial chain and advantageous geographical location with a beautiful environment.

We are professional China Wall Mounted Towel Shelf Manufacturers and Wall Mounted Towel Rack Factory, specialized in production of medium and high-end bathroom hardware products, which are exported to South America, Europe, Australia, and other regions. The product line covers bathroom hardware pendants, bathroom mesh baskets, handrails, and so on.

Our company is concerned with product design and production together. We have manufacturing workshops of stamping, machining, die-casting, bending, polishing, assembling, and packaging, etc. Our management staffs are experienced in product development, manufacturing, and quality control. We use advanced production lines and equipments to ensure perfect quality for 5-10 year warranty.

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Industry knowledge

In the realm of bathroom and kitchen organization, towel shelves have emerged as indispensable fixtures. These versatile accessories not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of these spaces but also contribute to their functionality. Towel shelves come in a wide array of designs, materials, and sizes to cater to diverse needs and preferences. Whether you are looking to maximize space utilization or add a touch of elegance to your bathroom or kitchen, towel shelves have got you covered.

Towel Racks: Functional and Stylish Storage Solutions

Towel racks are perhaps the most common and versatile towel shelf, and they come in various forms to suit different settings.
Towel racks are the stalwarts of towel storage in bathrooms and kitchens. They are designed to hold towels of various sizes, from hand towels to bath towels and even washcloths. Let's delve into the key aspects of towel racks:

Types of Towel Racks

Towel racks come in several types, each with its unique design and functionality. The most common types include:
Wall-Mounted Towel Racks: These racks are affixed to the wall and can be single or multi-tiered. Wall-mounted towel racks are perfect for small spaces as they don't take up floor space and keep towels within easy reach.
Freestanding Towel Racks: Freestanding towel racks are versatile and can be placed anywhere in the bathroom or kitchen. They are ideal for renters or those who prefer not to drill holes in the wall.
Swivel Towel Racks: Swivel racks have arms that can be rotated, allowing you to access towels easily. They are excellent space-saving options.
Over-the-Door Towel Racks: These racks hang over the back of a door, making use of otherwise unused space. They are particularly useful in bathrooms with limited wall space.

Materials and Finishes

Towel racks are available in various materials and finishes, catering to different design aesthetics and budgets. Common materials include:
Stainless Steel: Stainless steel racks are durable, corrosion-resistant, and easy to clean. They are a popular choice for modern and minimalist bathrooms.
Chrome: Chrome-finished racks provide a sleek and shiny appearance, making them suitable for contemporary settings.
Wood: Wooden towel racks add warmth and a rustic touch to bathrooms and kitchens. They can be stained or painted to match your decor.
Brass: Brass racks exude elegance and a vintage charm, making them a great choice for traditional and classic interiors.
Towel Hooks: Simple and Space-Saving Solutions
Towel hooks are minimalist yet highly efficient towel shelf, offering a convenient way to hang towels and other items.
Towel hooks are ideal for those who prefer a simple and efficient towel storage solution. They are versatile, space-saving, and can be installed in various locations within your bathroom or kitchen. Let's explore the key aspects of towel hooks:

Types of Towel Hooks

Towel hooks come in several styles, each serving a specific purpose:
Single Hooks: These are basic hooks designed to hold a single towel or item.
Double Hooks: Double hooks have two prongs, offering extra hanging space for towels or robes.
Adhesive Hooks: Adhesive towel hooks require no drilling and can be easily attached to walls or cabinets. They are perfect for renters or those who prefer not to make permanent installations.
Magnetic Hooks: Magnetic hooks can be attached to metal surfaces, such as refrigerators or metal cabinets, providing a unique storage solution for kitchen towels.

Placement and Installation

One of the advantages of towel hooks is their flexibility in placement. You can install them at different heights and locations, depending on your needs. Common placement options include:
Behind the Bathroom Door: Placing hooks behind the bathroom door maximizes space utilization without cluttering the walls.
Inside Cabinet Doors: Hooks can be installed inside cabinet doors to keep towels hidden when not in use.
Beside the Shower or Bathtub: Installing hooks near the shower or bathtub ensures that you have easy access to towels when needed.
In the Kitchen: Towel hooks in the kitchen can be used for dish towels, oven mitts, or aprons.

Towel Bars: Streamlined Elegance for Hanging Towels

Towel bars offer a streamlined and elegant solution for hanging towels, enhancing the overall aesthetics of your space.
Towel bars are a classic choice for towel storage, offering a clean and organized look. They are particularly popular in bathrooms where a sense of order and elegance is desired. Let's delve into the key aspects of towel bars:
Single vs. Double Towel Bars
Towel bars come in both single and double configurations:
Single Towel Bars: These bars are designed to hold one towel at a time and are ideal for smaller bathrooms or spaces where a minimalist look is preferred.
Double Towel Bars: Double bars provide space for two towels, offering increased storage capacity. They are commonly found in larger bathrooms or shared spaces.
Length and Placement
Choosing the right length and placement for towel bars is crucial for achieving both functionality and aesthetics:
Length: The length of the towel bar should be proportional to the size of your towels. Standard lengths range from 18 to 36 inches, but custom lengths are also available.
Placement: Towel bars should be installed at a convenient height for easy access. Typically, they are mounted horizontally on the wall, but vertical towel bars can also be used for a unique look.

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